Personal wealth management

We help you to invest your assets in keeping with your situation in life. From just 5,000 francs.

You retain control. The assets are kept in your custody account.

Low costs, with ETFs.

Why you should use online wealth management

Only take the risks that you can afford and want to take

Your personal situation in life determines the risk that you can take (risk capacity). It is possible that your appetite for risk differs from your risk capacity, however – i.e. that you want to take on less risk than you theoretically could. We help you to find out precisely how much risk you are able and want to take.

Make better use of your time and let technology do the work for you

With us, you can obtain your asset management solution online in just a few minutes, from wherever you want and with no paperwork at all. As a digital asset management company, we monitor your portfolio on a daily basis and make any required reallocations if the performance no longer optimally matches your investment strategy. You can view these changes at any time in the Cockpit.

Only use investment strategies that suit your situation in life

With us, you are sure to find an investment strategy that meets your needs. To this end, we have identified the asset classes relevant for you and chosen the right instruments from more than 1,000 possible options. If your situation in life changes, simply let us know. We will provide you with a new recommendation free of charge at any time.

Nowadays, you as the investor can insist on simple and transparent asset management

The days of hidden costs and unintelligible invoices have gone. Be persistent and ask for a transparent breakdown of all fees for your current asset management solution. You should then compare this carefully with our costs.

No paperwork – get your portfolio in just a few minutes

Investment objective

You define your own investment objective

You determine your personal investment amount. If you wish, you may also make additional monthly deposits in order to achieve your investment objective.


We establish your investor profile.

We establish your investor profile with just a few questions. Your profile is made up of your risk appetite and your risk capacity.

Investment strategy

You receive our investment recommendation

Our investment recommendation is based on your investor profile. We determine the optimal composition of your portfolio for the risk you are able to take.

Become a customer

We help you to open a custody account.

When you open a custody account in your name, your access to ELVIA e-invest is set up at the same time with no extra work required on your part.

We put together the optimal portfolio for you

Only relevant asset classes

We only recommend the asset classes which ensure the optimal composition of your portfolio. These consist of equities, bonds and cash.

ETFs for your returns

We only recommend ETFs for investment. These enable us to implement your personal investment strategy precisely and cost-effectively.

Global diversification

You can invest in up to 77 countries and 5,000 companies via our ETFs. This way, you can benefit from global developments and optimally distribute your investment risk.

Low costs increase your return

How much can you save in comparison with your current investment solution?

Investment amount
Current costs

When you compare the ELVIA e-invest fees with your current investment solution, please pay attention to what is already included in our costs. Get to know our various investment strategies or determine the right strategy for you straight away.

Opt for our online wealth management service

For your success

Using our experience to find the right investment strategy for you.

Personal wealth management from just 5,000 francs.

Takes just a few minutes to conclude online. Can be done from wherever you want and with no paperwork at all.

Our promise

With our management fee of 0.55%, we are one of the most affordable providers.

Full transparency in respect of our costs. No surprises.

No issuing commissions. Can be terminated at any time, free of charge.

Swiss provider

Swiss provider with a history of success in investment stretching back to 1950.

Professionalism and stability of our parent company, the Allianz Group.

Technical security in line with the very highest standards and advantages of Switzerland as a secure location for data.

Benefit now with a one-off investment starting from as little as 5,000 francs

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