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About ELVIA e-invest

ELVIA e-invest is an independent asset manager that determines the client’s risk profile online, and automatically proposes appropriate investment strategies for implementation. The portfolios created are purchased via the cooperating custodian bank and continuously monitored or adjusted if necessary (reallocation).

The personal needs and abilities of the client are recorded in a standardised form by our model-based asset management system. We are therefore only able to respond to the individual wishes and preferences of our clients to a limited extent, and therefore offer them a transparent service at a fair price.

ELVIA e-invest is a 100% subsidiary of Allianz Suisse Insurance Company PLC. Allianz Suisse is part of the Allianz Group, one of the largest and most stable insurance companies and asset managers in the world.

The Allianz Group stands for stability, transparency, professional asset management and good customer service. With ELVIA e-invest, we are now bringing these services to you at a low price, today and in the future.

ELVIA e-invest operates completely independently within the Allianz Group. We make our investment decisions in the sole interest of our customers. ELVIA e-invest does not receive any commissions or retrocessions from third parties, but generates its income exclusively from the asset management fee charged to its clients. Should we receive commissions in the future, we will pass them on to our clients.

No, ELVIA e-invest is purely an asset management company and does not offer investment advice or consultancy. ELVIA e-invest selects the optimal portfolio for you based on your risk profile.

For this reason, our call centre employees are available exclusively for technical questions and are not allowed to provide you with any other information.

ELVIA e-invest is a member of the VQF Association for the Quality Assurance of Financial Services in its function as an industry-specific organisation for asset management, and as a self-regulating organisation under the Anti-Money Laundering Act. As a member of the VQF, ELVIA e-invest is thus subject, among other things, to the rules of conduct recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority regarding the carrying out of asset management. This takes both investor protection and legal obligations into account.

If you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact us electronically at or by telephone at 058 358 03 60.

We do not offer investment consultancy.

Digital and simple: With us you invest digitally and paperless. In your personal cockpit, you always keep an eye on the development of your assets. You can flexibly control incoming and outgoing payments.

Successful investments since 1950: We make our decades of investment experience available to you starting at CHF 5000 total investments.

Stability: We are an Allianz company. Therefore, you benefit from the highest stability, unlike some other start-ups in our field.

One of the cheapest providers on the market: We charge only 0,55 % management fees p.a., so that you can benefit from professional asset management for just 27.50 francs. This clearly sets us apart from traditional asset managers.


In your customer cockpit under “Settings” you will find functions that you can use to sell some of your investments or the entire portfolio. As soon as the investments are sold, the amount is transferred to your account at another Swiss bank. You must specify this account in the customer cockpit or when reducing your portfolio.

If you cancel your wealth management agreement with us, we will no longer be able to work for you and you will no longer receive any information from Saxo Bank (Switzerland).

You will receive our final fee statement and keep your Saxo Bank (Switzerland) account and custody account under the same conditions as Saxo Bank (Switzerland). If you have any questions about Saxo Bank, please contact the Saxo Bank Support Centre (Switzerland).

You can log into your cockpit for another 3 months to view documents. We won’t be able to show you the securities account as Saxo Bank (Switzerland) is no longer allowed to provide us with any information.

You specify the payout account in the settings of your customer cockpit or when reducing your portfolio. This account must be with a bank domiciled in Switzerland and be in your name.

The redemption order is automatically forwarded to the custodian bank, which immediately initiates the redemption or the prior sale of the securities (note: there is no real-time trading). The exact duration of this process cannot be determined. It usually takes 3 working days, but it can take up to 1 week.

Payouts are possible as long as the account balance does not fall below the investment minimum of 5000 francs. The underlying payment requests require the termination of the asset management agreement. This means that we sell the portfolio and close the custody account.

Yes, if you wish to terminate both your asset management agreement with us and your custody account with Saxo Bank (Switzerland), we will arrange the following for you:

  • All investments will be sold
  • Saxo Bank (Switzerland) will transfer your funds to your specified account
  • Saxo Bank (Switzerland) will then close your account.

You can log into your cockpit for another 3 months to view documents.

Investment costs

The annual wealth management fee is 0,55% of the assets invested with us. The custodian bank determines the amount of your assets on a daily basis, thus calculating the average value. The 0,55% per annum is charged to your account once every quarter. The corresponding statements are available for viewing and downloading in the “Documents” section of the Customer Cockpit.

No. ELVIA e-invest tries to find the optimal investment solution for our customer as cost-effectively and transparently as possible and therefore waives any benefits from other companies. Should such benefits occur, they would be refunded to the customer.

The costs are a yield factor that should not be underestimated when investing. Without having to take higher risks, the performance of your portfolio can be improved by low costs. In contrast to the uncertain market development, costs can be controlled; therefore, we try to keep your costs as low as possible.

For the management of your portfolio, you pay an wealth management fee of 0,55% per year of your average portfolio value.

In addition to the management fee, there are other costs incurred by each investor for investments in investment instruments, which are charged by the custodian bank immediately after trading.

  • Product costs of the respective investment instruments: As we invest exclusively in ETFs, these costs are significantly lower than in traditional investments and average around 0,25% per year. We strive to keep product costs as low as possible.
  • Taxes: In the case of transactions, you also pay the federal stamp duty of 0,075% or 0,15% of the transaction volume, depending on the investment instrument. In addition, other official levies and fees may apply.

My cockpit

We have set up a message function for you in your customer cockpit. You can simply select a topic and send us a text message. You will then find our answers and other messages in your mailbox.

You can set one investment goal for yourself right now.

In the customer cockpit we have the following documents ready for you: the asset management agreement, the custody agreement, statements of transactions and fees as well as your tax statement.

With ELVIA e-invest, you can simply invest an amount and, if you wish, make regular deposits. You can also set an investment objective for yourself. We have prepared the following objectives for you: pension, real estate or another individual goal.

As an existing ELVIA e-invest customer, you will benefit from recruiting friends.

This is how it works:

  • You can open the corresponding form in the customer cockpit via the button “Recommend ELVIA e-invest and receive up to CHF 125.
  • Then enter the contact details of the interested person.
  • By clicking on SEND, you confirm the Terms of Use, and your message will be sent to the person as well as to us.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else because we take care of the rest.

If the person subsequently becomes an ELVIA e-invest customer, you will receive the credit of 125 Swiss Francs to your securities account. And the good thing about it is the mediated person also benefits from it! They will always receive125 Swiss Francs starting credit on the ELVIA-e-invest-Depot.

Details can be found in the Terms of Use.

You will see your current data in your cockpit under “Profile.” You can easily change these and let us know.

We will be happy to help you find your password.

Please click on the appropriate link below:

I can’t remember my password.

Open account

The Money Laundering Act (AMLA) obliges us to identify our customers. This identification is also in your interest, as it ensures a higher degree of security in the customer relationship.

The video identification and electronic signature is free and takes you less than 10 minutes. Your data is protected at all times with state-of-the-art security technologies.

You will be quickly and easily guided through the following steps by our identity specialists:

  • We show you all the documents you can read at your convenience. If you agree, please have your passport or identity card as well as your mobile phone ready for identification.
  • You will be connected via video chat with a specialist in the call centre. You will answer a few questions, and you will be asked to hold your ID up to the camera and be photographed.
  • After identification, you sign electronically the necessary documents.
  • You will receive a code on your mobile phone, which you can enter on the website. That’s all. The collected data can only be used to open your account.

Once the opening process is complete we will get back to you with the necessary details for your deposit.

If you prefer to open an account in the traditional way, print out the documents, sign them and go with your passport or identity card to:

  • a post office
  • an SBB switch
  • a branch of Saxo Bank (Switzerland)
  • a notary
  • your municipality

The responsible personnel identifies you and notes this in the corresponding form.

You can then send us the formalities by post or hand them in at a Saxo Bank branch (Switzerland). You will receive your account number and deposit details as soon as the account has been opened for you.

You are looking for transparent and cost-effective asset management for better investment results. Clarity and control are important to you, but you would like to delegate all decisions to the specialists at ELVIA e-invest. Your portfolio should be structured in a way that it is easy to understand and invested with strict risk control. You may also would like to communicate with us electronically.

You would like to take major risks, speculate, invest in individual securities and make your own investment decisions. You may also would like to discuss your portfolio with us at a meeting.

You are also not suitable as a customer if you are not living in Switzerland but are exclusively a tax resident, are a politically exposed person (PEP), or are not the sole beneficial owner of the investment.

No, you can only open an account with us if you are resident and have your tax residence exclusively in Switzerland.

You can open your account and securities account in just a few simple steps:

  • You define the starting amount and possible monthly deposits. If you wish, you can define an investment objective.
  • With just a few clicks, you complete the questionnaire we use to determine your risk profile and investment strategy.
  • Based on your information, we show you the expected development of your investments and, if you have specified a target, the ongoing achievement of the target. You will also see further transparent information on the investment strategy and the low costs.
  • Next, enter the personal details required for opening an account.
  • You can complete the formalities for opening an account, opening a custody account and an asset management order in less than 10 minutes, using video identification and electronic signature. If you wish, you can also identify yourself in a traditional way and send us the signed formalities in paper form.
  • You also have immediate access to your online cockpit at ELVIA e-invest (using video identification).

Once the opening process is complete we will get back to you with the necessary details for your deposit.

By law, clients are considered qualified investors if they conclude an asset management agreement with an independent asset manager such as ELVIA e-invest, irrespective of their actual investment experience. Asset managers can offer clients with this status all financial products.
Non-qualified investors are subject to state investor protection, which above all prohibits the advertising of certain products.

Customers can waive their status as “”qualified investors”” and thus increase their investor protection. Since ELVIA e-invest currently only invests in ETFs and does not use any other financial products (e.g. index funds), there are no restrictions in the investment as a result of this waiver.

We must explicitly ask investors for a waiver and cannot make this decision ourselves in advance as an asset manager.


We currently invest for you in a maximum of 8 asset classes. For each asset class, we select an ETF that represents the corresponding index at a reasonable price and tracks market developments as closely as possible.

Get to know our various investment strategies or find out right now which strategy is most suitable for you.

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund, i.e. an investment fund traded on an exchange that usually tracks an index (e.g. the SMI for Swiss equities). ETFs replicate an index as accurately as possible, and usually have lower costs than other investment solutions. ETFs are traded on the stock exchange at the current price. However, transactions can also be made with a broker after the close of trading.

ETFs become “passive” funds, because the fund manager does not attempt to beat the index with an allocation deviating from the index (“active” approach). ETFs pursue a “passive” approach using this investment strategy with the aim of replicating the index as closely as possible. Passive strategies have lower costs, among other things, and many studies also show that fund managers hardly manage to beat the benchmark index over a longer period (after costs and risk adjustments).

The average product cost for ETFs is around 0,2%, while actively managed funds quickly cost 1,50% or more per year.

The risk/return profile of ETFs is particularly advantageous due to their low costs and inherent diversification. Since we at ELVIA e-invest aim to achieve your best possible return, we believe that ETFs are the appropriate instruments. In addition, ETFs are transparent, available for almost all asset classes, and can be easily traded.

We use ETFs from iShares, UBS and Vanguard, depending on the asset class. These ETFs and the providers behind them were carefully selected on the basis of defined quantitative and qualitative criteria.

We automatically reinvest distributed amounts and interest in your custody account in accordance with your investment strategy.

ELVIA e-invest pursues a long-term investment approach. We have compiled optimal portfolios for each risk profile, mainly on the basis of past market returns. The Investment Committee regularly reviews whether this strategic asset allocation is still optimal and makes any necessary adjustments.

Every day, our system checks how far your portfolio has moved away from the optimal composition as a result of market developments or your payments. If necessary, your portfolio will be adjusted to the optimal composition. The unbiased calculations are carried out by the system. Stocks tend to be bought at lower prices in falling markets and sold at higher prices in rising markets.

Your investment strategy must always match your risk profile. If you wish to change your risk profile (e.g. due to a change in your personal or financial situation), you can do so in the cockpit. If the review of the new risk profile produces a new result, we automatically adjust your strategy.

Your account and custody account will be held with Saxo Bank (Switzerland). Saxo Bank is one of the most digitised banks in Switzerland and thus enables efficient and cost-effective processes. We pass this advantage on to you in the form of low fees.

Based on the questions we ask about your financial situation, your experience, your investment strategy and your reactions to stock market scenarios, we can schematically create a risk profile for you and see your risk tolerance and risk appetite. This does not allow us to take any individual needs into consideration.

We measure your risk profile so the optimal portfolio can be selected for you.

The portfolio is scaled for deposits and withdrawals in such a way that the investment mix of the portfolio remains unchanged based on your risk profile.

No, this is not possible. ELVIA e-invest determines an optimal portfolio for you on the basis of your risk profile.

With an asset management agreement, you instruct ELVIA e-invest to manage your portfolio based on your agreed investment strategy. ELVIA e-invest decides independently on the purchase and sale transactions (selection of securities and timing of transactions).

ELVIA e-invest automatically forwards the trading orders to the Saxo (Switzerland) custodian bank for execution and receives the information it needs to manage your portfolio.

You have access to your custody account at any time, but cannot initiate any stock exchange orders. If you would like to decide on your investments yourself in the future, you can cancel the “Asset Management Agreement” at any time with immediate effect.

Under the provisions of the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA), a FINMA marketing licence is required if information on investment funds is made freely accessible to every client. As asset managers, we do not sell investment funds ourselves, but use them to implement the client’s investment strategy, which is why we are prohibited from presenting them transparently before the start of the contract.

As soon as you have access to our online cockpit as a client, all the details of the investment instruments we use will be transparent for you.

Your tax statement will be issued by Saxo Bank at the beginning of each year and stored electronically in the cockpit. This electronic delivery is already covered by our administration fee and does not cost you anything extra. If you would like a postal delivery, you will need to request it from Saxo Bank, but Saxo Bank will charge you postal and handling fees.

In the event of termination during the year, you will still have access to your Cockpit account for 3 months, after which you will need to contact Saxo Bank for any tax returns.

For investments in Swiss financial markets, we focus on ETFs domiciled in Switzerland. These funds can reclaim the withholding tax incurred in the fund and achieve an improved return.

For investments in global financial markets, we prefer ETFs domiciled in Ireland or Luxembourg, as these domiciles offer an attractive tax environment for the funds. The situation is regularly reviewed and analysed.

We only consider ETFs that report income and capital gains to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration. This ensures the correct subdivision of tax-free capital gains and taxable income.

We avoid investments domiciled in the USA or France, as inheritance taxes may be levied in the country of domicile in question.

Performance is calculated as the time-weighted rate of return (TWR). It is assumed that all deposits and withdrawals are made on the first day of investment, so that neither the amount nor the timing of payments have any influence on the calculation of the performance. This means that both individual investment products and investment strategies can be directly compared. This is the standard method used in practice.

The cumulative performance of the portfolio from the start of asset management can be viewed in the overview in the cockpit. The performance since the beginning of the current calendar year (year-to-date, YTD) can also be retrieved at any time as a report in the customer cockpit.

The initial minimum contribution is CHF 5000.

The minimum investment amount is necessary so that we can implement your personal investment strategy as agreed and diversify your portfolio accordingly.


A restriction of the Internet and other communication systems of a network operator due to disturbances, overloads or interruptions may result in orders not being processed or being processed only belatedly or with the occurrence of transmission errors.

In addition to these classic risks arising from the use of electronic means of communication, so-called cyber risks are also increasingly coming to the fore. These include, in particular, identity theft, the transmission of sensitive information, hacker attacks and resulting damage, theft of confidential information or the introduction of harmful software.

We use state-of-the-art technology in the background to ensure your security. However, we need you to take the necessary security precautions to avoid these risks.

As your asset manager, we only use investment products that are easy to understand. However, like all capital market investments, ETFs are exposed to investment risks. The value of the investment can rise as well as fall, so the return is subject to fluctuations. For further information, we recommend the brochure, Special Risks in Securities Trading, published by SwissBanking.

Safety and security

ELVIA e-invest is a 100% subsidiary of Allianz Suisse Insurance Company PLC. Allianz Suisse is part of the Allianz Group – one of the largest and most stable insurance companies and asset managers in the world. ELVIA e-invest’s business strategy is based on long-term customer relationships.

You can access your customer cockpit via this link, which you can also find on our homepage as shown below. You can save the link to your customer cockpit as a bookmark in your browser.

ELVIA e-invest uses state-of-the-art technology in the background to ensure your security. However, please note the following:

  • Change your password regularly. Use upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters for your password. Keep your password to yourself and never write it down.
  • Log out of the customer cockpit before closing the web browser.
  • Contact us if you notice anything suspicious.

To open a digital account, you will be redirected from our secure website to the call centre of our partner Intrum Justitia. This call centre is also located in a secure environment, and our employees are trained on how to handle customer data. Your data will be sent directly and securely from this call centre to ELVIA e-invest and the custodian bank. The confidentiality of the data is thus guaranteed at all times.

The video identification procedure is provided by FINMA; Intrum Justitia is certified by FINMA to offer this procedure.

Yes, because in the event of a bankruptcy of the custodian bank, your investment in the custody account does not belong to the bankruptcy assets, but to the (protected) special fund. The only exception is the cash balance on your account, which is deposit-backed up to CHF 100’000.

Any bankruptcy of ELVIA e-invest does not affect the security of your investment, as we do not accept customer deposits directly, but manage your money held in a custodian account with the custodian bank by means of the power of attorney granted by you.

Should an ETF provider become insolvent, the assets managed by the ETF are also protected from insolvency by their status as special assets.

Transfer money

No, we do not currently provide this functionality.

Every day we monitor how your portfolio looks compared to its optimal composition. If your deposit results in the target allocation of liquidity being exceeded by a certain amount, we invest the excess liquidity in other investments in order to bring your portfolio back in line with the target allocation. Depending on the size of the monthly deposit, the money may not be invested immediately, but only when sufficient liquidity is available, together with other deposits.

Once your account is opened, you will receive your IBAN number. The IBAN number is also displayed in your customer cockpit, making it easy to transfer money to your Saxo Bank (Switzerland) account. You can transfer funds from your existing account in Switzerland; i.e. you must have an account in your name with a bank domiciled in Switzerland.

Regular investment over a longer period promises improved investment results.

The initial minimum investment is CHF 5000. If you wish to invest more than the minimum investment amount, you can do so flexibly at any time. Of course, you can also invest monthly, e.g., by means of a standing order.

The initial minimum investment amount is necessary so that we can implement your personal investment strategy as agreed, and diversify your portfolio accordingly.

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