ELVIA e-invest is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allianz Suisse.

Have your assets professionally managed

Think professional wealth management is the preserve of wealthy investors? Those days are a thing of the past. We have finally made personal wealth management available to everyone. This means you enjoy the same return opportunities on the capital market as a large investor, while simultaneously benefiting from low fees and flexible terms and conditions.

Invest from just 5,000 francs

Nowadays, you no longer have to be a large investor to enjoy professional wealth management.

Higher returns

Stop missing out on returns due to well concealed costs. We offer low and transparent fees.

Independent and flexible

Maintain an overview with your online Cockpit. You can make deposits and withdrawals at any time, and there is no minimum contract term.

From which amount is personal wealth management possible?

With ElVIA e-invest, you can enjoy the benefits of online wealth management from a minimum amount of just 5,000 francs. In the past, only wealthy investors could afford professional wealth management, with minimum investments starting from several hundred thousand francs. What is more, the management fee often used up a large part of their profits. Today, you can benefit even if you only have a small amount of savings. For that reason, our historical diagram shows the real net return that you would actually have received.

Investment objective

You define your own investment objective

You determine your personal investment amount. If you wish, you may also make additional monthly deposits in order to achieve your investment objective.


We establish your investor profile.

We establish your investor profile with just a few questions. Your profile is made up of your risk appetite and your risk capacity.

Investment strategy

You receive our investment recommendation

Our investment recommendation is based on your investor profile. We determine the optimal composition of your portfolio for the risk you are able to take.

Become a customer

We help you to open a custody account.

When you open a custody account in your name, your access to ELVIA e-invest is set up at the same time with no extra work required on your part.

Why are the costs so important when it comes to long-term investment strategies?

When investing on a long-term basis, you should pay particular attention to the costs. The compound interest effect means that high costs significantly reduce your returns. As an online wealth management company, we invest your money professionally for a management fee of 0.55%. So if you invest 10,000 francs, for example, the management costs are just 55 francs per year. We keep our fees as low as possible so that you receive more of the returns.

The graphic shows the strategy’s historical performance with current investment instruments (taking into account product costs). If the current investment instruments do not have a sufficiently long history, an appropriate benchmark index was used instead (minus virtual product costs). The annual wealth management fee of 0.55% is factored into the simulation. The annualised return is derived accordingly from the historical performance. Please note: historical performance is no guarantee of future performance.

How much flexibility does online wealth management offer?

We do not shackle you with our terms. If you have your assets managed by us, you are handing over responsibility for certain tasks, but you are not relinquishing control. A transparent insight into the performance of your portfolio is possible at all times.

Your personal Cockpit

You can see how your portfolio is performing and watch your assets working for you at any time in the Cockpit.

High degree of flexibility

You can make withdrawals and deposits at any time yourself, and you can close your account whenever you want without incurring any charges.

Stay independent

If your situation in life changes, we will adjust your investment strategy free of charge at any time.

Benefit now with a one-off investment starting from as little as 5,000 francs