You define your individual investment objective

Investment objective

You determine your personal investment amount. If you wish, you may also make additional monthly deposits in order to achieve your investment objective.

Maximum flexibility: simply invest or achieve a personal objective

ELVIA e-invest is available to you from an initial amount of 5,000 francs. Beyond that, it is up to you whether we should factor monthly payments into future portfolio projections.

Please let us know if you would like to achieve a personal objective. We will show you whether it is achievable.

We determine your personal investor profile together with you


We establish your investor profile with just a few questions. Your profile is made up of your risk appetite and your risk capacity. Together, these two factors determine how great a risk you can take.

Invest your assets in keeping with your situation in life

If we recommend an investment strategy for you, it must be suited to you personally and to your situation in life. To ensure that this is the case, we ask you to answer a few questions for us.

The questions are about your previous investment experience, your behaviour as an investor and your financial situation.

You receive our investment recommendation

Investment strategy

Our investment recommendation is based on your investor profile. We determine the optimal composition of your portfolio for the risk you are able to take.

Optimised investment strategies to ensure you do not give away any returns

We recommend the investment strategy that is most suitable for you personally and for your situation in life. You receive a detailed description of the asset classes and investment instruments used.

It goes without saying that we disclose the performance for the last ten years. In addition, we are completely transparent regarding our costs.

We help you to open a custody account

Become a customer

If you open a custody account in your name with us, your access to ELVIA e-invest is set up at the same time with no extra work required on your part.

Become our customer with no paperwork at all

It takes just a few moments to set up your access to the ELVIA e-invest Customer Cockpit.

There are two options for signing the contract and opening your online custody account: you can either use our modern video identification process or you can print off the required documents and send them to us.

In this way, you can open your account conveniently from the comfort of your own home. And if you use video identification, it is free of charge.

We do not shackle you with our terms

  • Flexible deposits and withdrawals at any time
  • No account closure fees
  • No minimum contract term
  • No redemption fees

Our goal is to win you over with our services and performance, so we do not shackle you with our terms. That way, you can decide whether we deserve your trust at any point.

Benefit now with a one-off investment starting from as little as 5,000 francs