ELVIA e-invest is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allianz Suisse.

Save money online like a professional

Until now, only large investors with investment volumes of several hundred thousand francs could take advantage of the growth opportunities on the capital market. Online wealth management is a digital innovation that enables savers with small volumes of assets to invest them professionally. The low fee of 0.55% of the investment means that more of your return is left over – regardless of what you are saving for.

Attractive returns

Thanks to our low fees, you benefit from the attractive growth opportunities that result from professional wealth management.

Simple registration process

Set up your access to ELVIA e-invest in just a few minutes by means of video identification and digital signature. The process is paperless and stress-free.

High degree of flexibility

You can make deposits and withdrawals flexibly at any time. With us, you will not pay any account closure or redemption fees and there is no minimum contract term.

Which factors determine the growth of my assets?

In the case of long-term investments, high fees considerably reduce the returns achieved. For that reason, many providers are very good at concealing the breakdown of costs. We offer you complete transparency with regard to fees. Our fees are low in comparison with other investment solutions in order to give you the best possible growth opportunities.

Investment amount
Current costs

When you compare the costs with those of your current investment solution, please pay attention to what is already included in our costs. Get to know our various investment strategies or determine the right strategy for you straight away.

How can I get my personal portfolio?

You can open your personal portfolio online via a convenient and straightforward digital process. We establish your optimal investment strategy using a questionnaire. You then identify yourself quickly and securely via video identification and sign your contracts digitally.

Investment objective

You define your own investment objective

You determine your personal investment amount. If you wish, you may also make additional monthly deposits in order to achieve your investment objective.


We establish your investor profile.

We establish your investor profile with just a few questions. Your profile is made up of your risk appetite and your risk capacity.

Investment strategy

You receive our investment recommendation

Our investment recommendation is based on your investor profile. We determine the optimal composition of your portfolio for the risk you are able to take.

Become a customer

We help you to open a custody account.

When you open a custody account in your name, your access to ELVIA e-invest is set up at the same time with no extra work required on your part.

Can I access my assets at any time?

Of course. You can see how your portfolio is performing at any time in your personal Customer Cockpit, and you can set your monthly savings instalments flexibly. Regardless of whether you use the money to buy a home or are saving on a long-term basis for your retirement, you have access to your assets at all times – with no contract term and no account closure fees.

Your personal Cockpit

You can see how your portfolio is performing and watch your assets working for you at any time in the Cockpit.

High degree of flexibility

You can make withdrawals and deposits at any time yourself, and you can close your account whenever you want without incurring any charges.

Stay independent

If your situation in life changes, we will adjust your investment strategy free of charge at any time.

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