You are the focal point of everything we do


You define what you want to achieve with your investment. We show you how to get there.


You determine how much security you would like to have for your investment.

Life situation

We employ our experience to ensure that your investment is perfectly suited to your needs.


We ensure that you only take the risks that you can bear and that you do not miss out on any returns in the process.

ELVIA e-invest offers you optimal strategies

We have been investing successfully since 1950. Using this experience, we have developed investment strategies which ensure not only that you can rely on an investment strategy that is suitable for you but also that you do not miss out on any returns.


Value preservation is the priority
  • A maximum of 39% is invested in equities
  • Focus on fixed-interest securities
  • Investment mainly in Switzerland
  • Predominantly in Swiss francs


Value growth with moderate risk
  • A maximum of 55% is invested in equities
  • Balance of bonds and equities
  • Some two-thirds of investments are in Switzerland
  • Predominantly in Swiss francs, including investments abroad


Good balance between risk and return
  • A maximum of 67% is invested in equities
  • Slight overweighting of equities
  • Some 40% of investments abroad
  • Approximately 70% of investments in Swiss francs, including those outside Switzerland


Sustainable asset growth
  • A maximum of 80% is invested in equities
  • Overweighting of equities
  • Good balance of investments abroad and in Switzerland
  • Approximately two-thirds of investments in Swiss francs, including those outside Switzerland

Capital gains

Asset growth via price gains
  • A maximum of 98% is invested in equities
  • Focus on equities and high-yield bonds
  • Investment mainly outside Switzerland
  • Balance of investments in Swiss francs and foreign currencies, including those outside Switzerland

We work around the clock for your return

Monitoring and rebalancing to ensure you do not miss out on any returns

ELVIA e-invest ensures that you do not miss out on any returns with your investment strategy and that you do not take any unnecessary risks. To this end, we monitor your portfolio on a daily basis and rebalance it as necessary so that you are optimally invested at all times.

  • Daily monitoring of your portfolio
  • Your portfolio is adjusted on a daily basis
  • No additional costs for you in the event of rebalancing

Our low costs mean you receive more of the return

It is easy to overlook the costs when investing, but low costs contribute directly to the growth of your assets. With us, you benefit from a management fee that makes us one of the most affordable providers.

  • Affordable management fee of 0.55%
  • Full transparency in respect of our costs
  • No issuing commissions

We do not compromise on your security

Your assets are protected

With our wealth management, your money is in good hands. After all, the custody account belongs to you and you can access it freely at any time. The depositor protection scheme means cash deposits of up to 100,000 francs are protected. Since only physically replicated ETFs are included in our selection process, you are not exposed to any issuer risk.

  • Swiss depositor protection for up to 100,000 francs
  • We are part of the financially sound Allianz Group
  • No issuer risk thanks to physically replicated ETFs

Your data is secure

Your money is not the only thing that is in good hands with us – your data is, too. It goes without saying that your personal information will remain in Switzerland and will not be processed outside the country. Furthermore, you benefit from Allianz’s high IT security standards, which we guarantee among other things by means of external audits.

  • Switzerland as a secure location for data
  • Allianz Group IT security standards
  • Regular external audits

A strong family – for stability in your wealth management

ELVIA e-invest is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allianz Suisse Insurance Company Ltd. Allianz Suisse is part of the Allianz Group, one of the largest and most stable insurance and wealth management companies in the world.

We have been successful with ELVIA since 1950.

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