Compare the costs of your investment carefully

Our annual wealth management fee of 0.55% of the average value of your custody account includes:

  • Management of your custody account
  • Digital account opening
  • Transaction costs
  • Custodian bank fees
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Annual tax certificate
  • VAT

ELVIA e-invest does not charge any retrocessions, issuing commissions, redemption commissions, advisory fees or the like for the services it provides for you. The only additional charge is stamp duty, which is debited directly by the custodian bank. You can close your account for free at any time.

At ELVIA e-invest, your investment strategy benefits from low costs

You benefit from low costs, regardless of which of our strategies is the right one for you.

A historical comparison makes it especially clear how great a difference wealth management costs make. They include in particular product costs, transaction costs and custody account fees. We take these costs into account when showing you historical performance. This means that we are showing you the real net return.

The graphic shows the strategy’s historical performance with current investment instruments (taking into account product costs). If the current investment instruments do not have a sufficiently long history, an appropriate benchmark index was used instead (minus virtual product costs). The annual wealth management fee of 0.55% is factored into the simulation. The annualised return is derived accordingly from the historical performance. Please note: historical performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Low costs increase your return

How much can you save in comparison with your current investment solution?

Investment amount
Current costs

When you compare the costs with those of your current investment solution, please pay attention to what is already included in our costs. Get to know our various investment strategies or determine the right strategy for you straight away.

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